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Training Application Forms Can Be Down Loaded from County Home Page
Training Dates can be found on the County Home Page

Explanation of the new plan of training with in Cleveland Scout Council

From 2007 we have now introduced a Training Levy - payable with the Membership Subscription in March each year. This means that all Leader Training costs, including the Adult Personal File, will be supplied without further cost to the Leader, Group or District.

First Aid and Adventurous Activity Training is not at present included in this plan and is charged for separately.

We hope that this will make it easier for Leaders to apply for the appropriate training. We will issue a yearly calendar with dates relating to Training Modules and Registration Forms. Your Group Scout Leader/ Training Manager will have a supply of these.

Open evenings for Module Validation and updating of Personal Learning Plans are also noted on the calendar.

You are asked to indicate on the Registration Form which Module of Training you require and forward this to the County Training Administrator. This can be via email if you use training@clevelandscouts.org.uk . Please also note that Applications must be received at least 28 days prior to the Module training date. This will enable the training sessions to be designed to suit your needs, and you will be sent the appropriate joining instructions nearer the time of the Training.

After training it is your responsibility to have each Module Validated, until this is complete you will not be awarded your Woodbadge.

When training sessions are arranged to cover more than a morning or afternoon you will be advised to bring your own packed meal. Drinks & biscuits will be provided at all training free of charge. .

You will also be advised on the dress code and any additional items you may require for each module.

Please make sure that you have your Personal Learning Plan handy at each training experience and that arrangements are made to inform the County Training Administrator when any Training or Validation has taken place.

With your help we can keep our records up to date and award the appropriate Paperwork & Certificates required. .

County Training Manager & County Training Administrator