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Charges for 2017
Camping Cleveland Scouts
Other Scouts / Guides
Other Organisations
£3.00 per night
£4.00 per night
£6.00 per night
Jubilee CentreCleveland Scouts
Other Scouts / Guides
Other Organisations
£115 per night
£155 per night
£220 per night
Centenary CentreCleveland Scouts

Other Scouts / Guides

Other Organisations
24 or less - £143 per night
25 to 42 - plus £2.25 pppn
24 or less - £180 per night
25 to 42 - plus £4.00 pppn
24 or less - £220 per night
25 to 42 - plus £6.00 pppn
Total SiteCleveland Scouts
Other Scouts / Guides
Other Organisations


Booking Conditions

*Booking for the site are taken via the Booking Secretary Tel: 07982 684 232 or

*A non-returnable deposit of 25% is required when booking for either of the centres. If the booking is cancelled within four to six weeks of the booked dates a further fee of 25% will be charged.

* A deposit of £10 is required when booking any camping in order to secure a suitable site.

*Full payment will be charged for any cancellation of a booking less than four weeks from booked date(s).

*Raven Gill is only available to approved Youth, or Educational Organisations.

*All campers and visitors must report to the Warden at Reception on arrival.

*The speed limit is 5mph while travelling on site

*No dogs are allowed on site. This is particularly for the protection of the dog as farmers are legally allowed to shoot any animal who they suspect are involved in sheep worrying.

*Vehicles must be parked in the designated car park

*No guns allowed on site

*All sites, and Centres must be inspected by the Warden before campers vacate them.

*A post dated cheque for £50.00 is required for each of the centres. This will be returned if the Centre is left clean at the end of the booking.

*Campers, visitors and walkers must only enter and leave the site by the main gate. Great care must be taken not to damage the walls and fencing around the site. Special care must be taken to ensure campers do not cross the wall on the East side of the camp as the moor above the site is owned by Lord Gisborough and is carefully and jealously managed. Campers must not cross, use or play in, any of the fields surrounding the site.

*Recyclable materials should be taken home by campers as there is only limited disposal on the site

*Non recyclable waste must be bagged and placed in the waste skip on site.

*Visits to the village must be carried out in an orderly manner. Treasure hunts and similar events involving the Village, Church, Houses, etc. are discouraged to minimise noise and disruption.

*As the site is adjacent to houses in the village noise on site must be kept to a minimum after 23.00, particularly from 'older members' returning from the local Public House.

*Lights out & site quiet by 23.30. There may be many young campers. Please respect other groups need for quiet at night. No loud music & shouting etc

*Livestock on site i.e. sheep and lambs, must not be chased or interfered with as this is cruel and it inevitably leads to friction with the farmer.

*Respect other Groups camps & camping areas. If you need to cross someone else's site, be considerate & walk around the outside of the site not through it. Try and use a different route if possible.

*Do not use the toilets for washing pots & crockery. Specially designated washing up sinks adjacent to both toilet blocks are provided for the use of hike campers only.

*Do not throw rocks into the stream - they can ricochet out and hurt other people.

*Report any accidents, and injuiries, promptly to the warden.

*Follow the Country Code.

*Please inform the warden when you leave site.

*The playing field should be used for all games etc so as not to damage the camping sites. This field is not available for camping unless previously agreed when booking.